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  • Your own products on your shelves within a week

    • Therapeutic Grade Product developed by
      World Leader DSM
    • No contracts required
    • ONLY 24 unit minimum order quantity
    • Always Free Delivery
    • Unbelievable pricing for effective prescribing’
  • Add your personal touch
    to your label

    • Expert Graphic Design
    • One-off custom label design personally tailored to you
    • A one-on-one consultation with one of our inhouse designers
    • Following the consultation you will be supplied with 4 concepts to choose from
    • 2 rounds of revisions
    • Ownership of the artwork
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Our Guarantee to You

    • You have 100% ownership of your own formula
    • Unique label look and feel
    • IP Protection for your ideas
    • Stability program for your products
    • All TGA Registration and Regulation


Custom Weight Loss Formula

Our Custom Weight Loss Formula is 100% Fabuless™, which actively helps to keep your patient’s weight in balance, without having to feel guilty or worried. In fact, without feeling anything at all: Fabuless™ helps you to eat less.

Custom Immune Boost Formula

Our Custom Immune Boost Formula contains a mix of essential vitamins as well as 25mg of Teavigo® per serve, which is the purest form of caffeine-free green tea extract on the market today. Teavigo® has numerous health benefits, including immune boosting, increase in vigor and a stronger sense of well-being.

Custom Heart Health Formula

Our Custom Heart Formula contains Potassium, Magnesium, plus a mix of essential vitamins and therapeutic propriety ingredients, which are the most innovative, evidence-based nutritional ingredient for Heart support and especially blood pressure management.

Custom Strong Bones Formula

Our Custom Strong Bones Formula contains a mix of Quali Vitimins developed by DSM to specifically support healthy bones.

Custom Multi Energy Boost Formula

Our Multi Energy Boost Formula contains Ginseng (5mg per serve), Caffeine (8.5mg), Taurine, CoQ10, and combination of B Quali Vitamins. All developed and extracted by DSM.

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